Senior Support Worker/ Senior Practitioner/ Advanced Practitioner – Part Time – Walsall

Social Care

Working hours: 37 hours per week.

Job Description:

* To provide effective help and protection to children, young people, families and carers, and help them to achieve positive outcomes.

* To undertake effective assessment, planning and direct work to safeguard children and young people and to meet their needs, and the needs of families and carers.

* To practice social work in a transparent, accountable and safe way in accordance with professional standards and ethics.

* To be practice leader, and to lead the development of high quality of practice and service delivery within the team.

* To support all frontline practitioners in the team, and to be aware of and manage performance within the team.

* Responsible for ASYE Social Workers, and Child and Family Officers (pending Social Work qualification)

Additional information:

* Walsall provides a managed caseload. For experienced staff, Walsall aims for 15 or 16 children maximum with a variation of types of plans and situations.

* Walsall uses the Family Safeguarding Model, which supports social workers through the having Adult Specialist Practitioners embedded in social work teams, group supervision and using motivational interviewing and strengths based approaches, as well as reduced recording to lessen paperwork.

* Walsall is a restorative local authority that seeks to work with families to keep children safe, and where we recognise that for social workers to be able to keep children safe and do their jobs they need to feel safe and supported.

* All staff, including agency staff are supported to attend training in Family Safeguarding and Restorative approaches, as well as access to more individualised and specialist training.

* Walsall offers all frontline practitioners, including agency staff, bookable 1-1 clinical supervision sessions each month.

* Walsall is stable authority, rated as ‘good’ with OFSTED, and which enjoys consistently strong levels of feedback from staff.

Salary: £28 – £30.20/hour

Job Type: Temporary, Part Time

Location: Walsall, West Midlands (County)

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