Senior Product Manager, Developer Enablement – Part Time – Cambridge


Arm recognizes that successful deployment of Arm’s technology is amplified by enabling the developer ecosystem. When developers have the right tools and information to hand, they are better able to realize the value of Arm technology in their applications.


You will be responsible to discover, understand and address the specific needs of key developer cohorts in Arm-based infrastructure. Coordinate across internal and external organizations to define and implement solutions that address these needs in an efficient way. The aim is for developers have a better experience with Arm technology than with any other compute technology ecosystem.

Job Overview:

Cloud to edge infrastructure is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation as companies across the industry adopt Neoverse compute technology from Arm. We will accelerate the best-in-class tooling ecosystem by finding and engaging with key developers.

You will play a critical role in defining and implementing solutions and products that enable streamlined deployment using Arm technology. In particular, you will provide product management for Arm’s infrastructure performance tools, including Arm Performance Studio.


Infrastructure developer discovery: Find and connect with representative groups of developers, including at Arm’s partners, who are implemented Arm-based servers, and web application developers who run their workloads on Arm. Prioritise teams who optimize their software for Neoverse compute technology to create the best experiences on Arm. Use Arm’s User Experience (UX) research teams to discover unaddressed needs.

Problem discovery: Create a clear framing and justification for the most important problems that should be addressed to transform the development experience.

Problem solution coordination: Work across Arm and 3rd party ecosystem teams to agree how we address key problems. Identify when and who is responsible to implement specific parts of the overall solution. Drive program, technical, commercial and support teams across the industry to take ownership of solution construction and deployment. Follow up with Arm UX teams to analyse and collate developer feedback for continuous improvement.

Product management: Represent Arm’s performance tools for infrastructure as the product manager, regularly meeting with customers to shape requirements and devise the roadmap in collaboration with the engineering team. Lead the responsibility for the outbound communication for performance tools products.

Partnership & collaboration: Work across Arm, our partnership and wider developer communities to nurture collaboration, build trust, encourage and empower active engagement with multi-functional teams and individuals across organizations. Work to build an increasing network so that we can connect and create the most compelling solutions across the value chain.

Innovation & Continuous improvement: Step forward and bring your ideas. Be prepared to embrace ideas from others. Be ready and quickly adapt to changing dynamics and feedback.

Required Skills and Experience:

Functional Knowledge:

Proven technical experience creating software technology.

Experience working across multiple organisations and engineering functions to develop and deploy technology.

Background in cultivating developer communities and a track record in finding and connecting with individual developers.

Degree or equivalent experience in a relevant subject such as computer science.

Infrastructure background or demonstrable knowledge – AWS, Azure etc.


Outstanding communications skills, and ability to communicate appropriately with a diverse set of audiences at all levels of the organization.

Highly collaborative, inspires and motivates individuals in disparate groups to align around shared goals and strategic priorities.


Exceptional strategic leadership skills and highly organized

Comfortable in proactively tackling ambiguity and leading others through a changing landscape with shifting priorities.

Proven track record to lead across boundaries, and without organisational authority.

Continuous Improvement:

Demonstrated success in encouraging a culture of innovation, learning and continuous improvement.

In Return:

You will join a team with significant opportunities to build our future success in developer tools and software. This will be a fast paced and exciting environment with opportunities to flex your strategic and innovative thinking muscles.

In addition, as the team grows there are also potential opportunities to undertake line management and career development of other members of the team

To be well supported to grow your knowledge and capabilities, with extensive opportunities to broaden your network across Arm.

Join us in this great opportunity to shape the future of our technology ecosystems by driving the adoption of ground-breaking technologies and empowering developers to create innovative solutions that will continue to redefine our industry.



Job Type: Part Time


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