RGN Taunton Relocate – Part Time – Taunton

  • Contract
  • Part Time
  • Temporary
  • TA2, Taunton, Somerset
  • £30/annum USD / Year
  • Salary: £30/annum


Role: RGN

Times: 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday

Job Description: We are looking for a medically trained person, who would be available to support a range of learners within a school environment, there are a range of medical needs across our school, in particular there will be a need for someone who is resuscitation trained, dfib trained, effective suctioning (deep suctioning) trained and epilepsy into CPR. They will need knowledge of using oxygen and stats monitoring, Gastrostomy training and we also have learners with epilepsy meds and diabetes/blood sugar tracking but also someone who wouldn’t mind supporting learners with their learning in between medical support.

ey Responsibilities:


Patient Assessment and Care Planning

* Conduct initial and ongoing assessments of patients’ physical, emotional, and social needs.

* Develop, implement, and evaluate individualized care plans in collaboration with the healthcare team.

* Adjust care plans based on patient response and changing health status.


Clinical Care

* Administer medications, treatments, and interventions as prescribed by physicians.

* Perform clinical procedures such as wound care, catheterization, intravenous therapy, and vital signs monitoring.

* Assist with diagnostic tests and examinations, ensuring patient comfort and safety.


Patient Education and Support

* Educate patients and their families about health conditions, treatment plans, and preventive care.

* Provide emotional support and counseling to patients and families, helping them cope with illness and hospitalization.

* Promote healthy lifestyle choices and self-care practices.


Team Collaboration and Communication

* Work collaboratively with physicians, therapists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals to ensure coordinated and effective patient care.

* Communicate effectively with patients, families, and the healthcare team, documenting care accurately and promptly.

* Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings and case conferences.


Quality and Safety

* Adhere to infection control protocols and safety guidelines to protect patients and staff.

* Monitor and report any changes in patient condition, adverse reactions, or incidents to the appropriate personnel.

* Maintain accurate, detailed, and timely records of patient care and treatment.


Professional Development

* Keep current with advances in nursing practice and healthcare through continuing education and professional development.

* Participate in training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance nursing skills and knowledge.

* Uphold nursing ethics and standards as outlined by regulatory bodies and professional organizations.

Salary: £30/annum

Job Type: Contract, Temporary, Part Time

Location: TA2, Taunton, Somerset

To apply for this job please visit www.cv-library.co.uk.